About Us

Dannol is China's most innovative and active leader in decorative clocks and home decor since 1993.All of our decorative products derived from our culture of original and professionalism.Our products are catered to high-end retailers,particularly upscale supermarkets,department stores and home decor stores.Discernig buyers in Europe,Asia and the U.S. appreciate our clocks for their original designs.Currently we have over 1000+ models,and our experienced designers create at least 10+ models each month.
After 24 years in the industry,we have the manufacture experience required to ensure your orders are completed to your satisfaction.With a 7000mISO 9001:2008 certified factory and skill worker,we can produce 200,000 units monthly.
Our clocks are CE and RoHS marked,as well as REACH compliant.
The DANNOL mission is to enrich original home decorative,satisfy people's wish on beautifying their surrounding,to preserve self-developing original designs and integrate cultural into our products and improve people's quality of life.

The Dannol story began in 1993 when Dannol decided to develop his own export business in the clock indutry.

In 1993,Dannol found his own business as a export agent for clock manufacturers in Guangdong,China.Relying on his professional exporting knowledge,market connection and self-developed quartz clocks,Dannol's exporting business grew rapidly.

This is one of Dannol's most memorable year,Dannol officially established her own brand "DANNOL" and oversea market sales company .
"DANNOL" means noble character in Chinese,Which also became the core corporate value in the future.

1999 is Dannol's most important year.In this year we established our own manufacturing base,a 7000m2 full suite of production machines factory that has the ability to produce 200,000 unites monthly.Since then,Dannol became a design manufacturer with the capacity to develop,manufacture and oversea sales.It gave us superior advantage in quality control,price,and delivery time,satisfying the need of our clients in full range.

Dannol's domestic sale branch officially started.And we entered Chinese mainland market.

Dannol products expands from gift and premium products to home decor.We craeted a fusion between clock and decoration: DECOCLOCK.Also we put together a team of excellent designers with keen sense of market direction,it continues to design new decoclock series,producing approximate 300 new models each years.This year marked Dannol is entry a new age.

Abstracting from years of designing & marketing experiences,we are pround to introduce 5 different product styles with various price ranges to appeal to different market.

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